Our services


Protect your builds with Towny. Sieges are not a thing here, so don’t worry about losing your progression. Control who you want to access which plots, in a dynamic and safe way.


Show off your hard work and achieve abilities through your levelling of various skills, such as mining, brewing, herbalism, fishing, and so much more.


Travel the Earth, and different planets – we have limited teleportation, to encourage players to put more thought on where they call home, and to encourage interaction with their neighbours.


Enhance your vanilla experience with modern and futuristic technology. Power your residents homes, use macerators, foundries, generators, automatic crafters, lightsabers, and much more!

Solar System

We are more than an Earth server, experience other worlds – build a rocket, and blast off to a planet of your choosing. Construct a moon base? Go for it. Martian rave warehouse? We got you!


Appreciate an ever changing environment where you’re living in a vibrant world, changing and adapting as time progresses – Flowery springtime, summer sun, autumn leaves, and chilly winters!